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Lake Village Campground

Get Directions to Lake Village Campground

Your Next Visit Awaits

Volunteers Needed

Volunteerism is greatly appreciated. You can sign up in the office.


Areas Needing Volunteers:

  • Gate Workers
  • Office Helpers
  • Comfort Stations
  • Lot Clean-Up
  • Campground Mowing and Weeding
  • Brush and Branch Removal
  • Activity Planning and Hosting

These are just some of the areas where volunteers are needed. Please feel free to add other areas where you may be interested in volunteering. There is always something that we need volunteers for.

Hours of Operation


Winter Hours

Sunday & Monday- 10am – 2pm

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday- Closed

Friday & Saturday- 10am – 6pm



Address: 6684 Leon Road, Andover, OH 44003

Phone: 440-293-8434

Fax: 440-293-8447

Lake Village Campground Directors and Officers:


Bob Poveroni

Member Services

Cathy Hunt


Pat Yarcusko


Al Soukup


Chris Bille


Brian Sterling


Steve Kronstein


Wendy Maunus